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Organisational Matters

Our doors are open from 9-11 a.m. and 5-7 p.m from Monday to Friday. During these hours you can bring or pick up your shirts at any time. Outside these hours your can come by specific appointment via phone or SMS. Sorry, at the moment we do not offer customer site pick-up or delivery

The easiest is when you bring your laundry in a basket in which you will then find also your ironed and folded shirts for pick-up. If you want your ironed shirts on hangers, please bring a sufficient number of hangers with your laundry.If needed we also have baskets and hangers for rent. When you ask for shirts on hangers, I always put them in a thin plastic cover for additional protection during transport.

Should you have further questions you can reach me at any time by phone, SMS, mail or WhatsApp to clarify or make an appointment.